How does Split work?

Split helps you avoid unwanted encounters by collecting and analyzing data available on several social networks (such as location-based check-ins on posts, pics, tweets, etc.) as well as on the Split network

What are ‘avoidees’?

Avoidees, quite simply, are the people you choose to avoid. You are the avoider, and they are your avoidees. Ok, so we made up a word, so what?!

I’m not comfortable with this whole ‘antisocial’ thing – isn’t Split condoning hate?

Not at all. It’s often the people we like (and love) that we need to take a breather from, and Split was created to help avoid those uncomfortable, everyday situations with the people in our lives.

Here are a few examples of encounters we’d all rather avoid:

  • Your boss may be an awesome lady, but do you REALLY want to run into her during your weekend pubcrawl?
  • You just broke up with your gf/bf – how will you feel if you bump into each other at a social event? Awwwwwkward! If only you’d known s/he’d be there…
  • You took that pretty girl from work out on a date to your fave restaurant, and — oh, are those your parents sitting just across the aisle from you?
    Aww, maybe you could make it a double date! (Ugh!)

You get the point.

What information will I get from Split?

Split will inform (or alert) you when one (or more) of your avoidees:

  • Has Split installed and is connected via the Split network
  • Posts their location on one of your shared social networks
  • Enters your current, immediate area
  • Chooses to attend or decline an event you’re both invited to (on Facebook)
  • Checks into a scanned remote location (which you have saved in the ‘Who’s There?’ section – like saving a bookmark, but on a map!)

Split works best when you and your avoidees are in an area with a strong mobile signal (which ensures that Split’s readings are most accurate).
For optimal coverage, we recommend turning on your GPS when you’re out and about.

Do my avoidees have to have Split installed in order for me to avoid them?

No, not at all. Split collects geographical location data from the Split network and from social network feeds. As long as you and your avoidees are following each other on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), each time they post their location, Split will notify you and help you avoid unwanted encounters.

Of course, if they DO install Split on their smartphone, the network will be able to alert you the second they enter your immediate area (without needing to rely on social network updates).

Tip: Don’t want to give yourself away by sending a particular person an ‘Install Split’ request? Post it on your social profiles and recommend it to all your friends (hopefully, the right people will get the hint).

Will Split drain my battery?

Nope. Split uses a unique, logic-based technology to prevent this from happening. The app works in the background, unnoticeable, and will only notify you of important avoidee activity.

Why do I need to log into my social network profiles?

By signing into your social networks via Split, you allow the app to:

  • Display your contact lists so you can choose who to avoid
  • Scan for your avoidees’ location-based updates (status updates, posts, photos, tweets, etc.)
  • Warn you if avoidees will be attending the same events you are invited to

Tip: For optimal coverage, we recommend you log into all your social networks on Split (example, if you only log in with Facebook and an avoidee tweets a pic from a certain location, Split won’t be able to see that tweet and you won’t get the notification/alert).

What about privacy?

Split strictly follows social network privacy rules!
We protect your privacy by never letting anyone know you are avoiding them, and we also protect your avoidees’ privacy by only displaying information that would already be visible to you via your social networks. Split simply scans all your profiles around the clock, so you don’t have to, notifies you of information you might have missed on your own, displays it in a friendly way, and alerts you as to your avoidees’ whereabouts when they approach your current area.

Split does not read or retain any data that’s not geographically-based.

Explain the ‘Who’s There?’ feature

‘Who’s There?’ lets you save remote locations (like work, home, your fave hangouts) for scanning anytime. Feel like grabbing some sushi at that awesome place you like? Wanna catch a movie at the local theatre? Maybe do a yoga class at the gym? Make sure your destination is avoidee-free before heading out.

Explain the ‘Who With?’ feature

‘Who With?’ is basically ‘Who’s There?’s nosey little brother, who tells you not only that your avoidees are at a certain remote location, but rats them out further by letting you know who they’re hanging out with. Just an extra little bonus so you can avoid 2 (or more) birds with one stone app.

Can you give an example?

Easy. So I’m just about to head out to a club, when my ex posts a pic of himself on Facebook, tags two of our mutual friends and the location they’re at – the exact same place I was planning to go to. Split immediately notifies me. Now I know where he is, who he’s with (adding those guys to my avoidee list, pronto!), and where NOT to go. Unpleasant evening – avoided!

So… can I use Split to stalk people?

No, you can’t. For privacy purposes, Split only displays an avoidee’s location if:

  • They are within a few hundred meters of your current location
  • What they post on their social profiles is already available to you (you’re on each other’s contact lists)
  • They are at a remote location you’re scanning through the ‘Who’s There?’ feature, and they’re running Split on their smartphone
  • Note: The Split app offers a “Go Off the Grid” feature which can make you (or any other Split user) ‘invisible’ for a short time. Of course, Split users can log out of the app at any time, and become ‘invisible’ to the Split network until they log back in.